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In order to achieve optimal production in agriculture, today’s farmers depend on up-to-date technology and ready support from experts. Even minor distractions can have major consequences on the final crop output. Relocation of production to China, Africa and other areas require adaption of technology, as well as selection of ready available technology tailored to the specifics of other soils and climates. By taking responsibility for a range of structural and technical concerns around these changes in agricultural production – including essentials like environment and safety – we enable farmers and farmer collectives in China and the ECOWAS countries to increase crop output and to increase crop quality without interfering with agriculture practices. More than just an external supplier, we can, become an integral part of your business. Saving money and increase crop value.

We provide value and support through two main categories of services:

Micro nutrition for crops:

With these services we ensure you get the maximum yield from your agricultural assets.

Support in nutrition utilization:

We see to it that all the essential conditions are in place to support the working of micro nutrition to your crops.

Would you like to know more about what we can do to support your business?

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Orange Trade and Technology’s main area of activity is the agricultural industry – a vital important pillar in the development of upcoming economies, development, stability and welfare. Our services are specifically tailored to adapt the technology developed in leading markets like the Netherlands to utilize in areas where further significant growth of crop output still can be realized within a perfect cost benefit ratio:

  • We're used to adapt to specific circumstances.
    If you work in the agricultural industry, you’ll know how difficult it can be, operating in a perpetually changing environment, with influences of climate, soil and other fluctuating circumstances. We select well tried and proven products and technology, suitable to adapt to specific local circumstances. We make this available to companies like yours – large or small . We support the implementation of these products and technologies.
  • We focus on the full production chain.
    The agriculture process is about more than sowing and harvesting. Our technology looks into optimizing use of fertilization and pesticides; lowers vulnerability of fungus, insects, rodents; neutralizes or minimizes effects of pollution such as heavy metal pollution of soils; lowers need of irrigation; guards environmental aspects and farmer health and safety. We empower you by providing the right products and technology, adapts these to the specifics of your agricultural environment and advising on process optimization.
  • We draw insights from our knowledge of the industry.
    Orange Trade and Technology within her historical cooperation has broad insight in the interaction of soil and micro nutrition. This broad experience, in various climates, with various soils, and multiple crops enables our customers to take maximum advantage of up to date technology. So to increase the results of their farming.

Products & Markets

Our products are selected specifically to support agricultural development using technology developed in The Netherlands. Much of this technology is not easily adapted to use in other agricultural environments. We adapt processes and select products and tailor these to utilization in our markets.

Micro Nutrition

Micro nutrition differs from much used fertilizers. Well catered micro nutrition enables crops to maximize the uptake of nutrition and leads to better growth of crops. Utilization of micro nutrition depends on specifics such as soil, climate and crops. We help customers in the agriculture industry to achieve their business objectives of realizing a better crop output, ensuring that their process run as efficiently and effectively as possible, with a viable balance of soil nutrition and plants uptake thereof.

Market: China

Orange Trade and Technology is sole exclusive distributor for China for key technology. Through trials and research Orange Trade and Technology has added key know how to adapt these technology and products to the specifics of agriculture in the various areas of China.

Market: ECOWAS

Orange Trade and Technology is sole exclusive distributor for ECOWAS for key technology. To the technology we add know how to suit the technology to the specific circumstances in the countries of ECOWAS.

Safety, Health & Environment Services

Our role is not only to support crop improvement, but also to help customers safeguard the health and safety of their workforce and the local community. The selection of products and technology has strong emphasis to protect the labor, health and environment.


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